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Why Mold Testing Leads to Peace of Mind

Molds usually thrive on damp environments and areas with favorable conditions for their growth. If you have been encountering recurring mold despite your efforts for removal, then it is most likely you have not found the exact source of the problem. There are many reasons why professionals recommend mold testing especially when you want to have peace of mind. Mold spores floating inside your home can cause allergies and other mold-related illnesses. This article looks at the importance of mold testing and the reason why it makes you have peace of mind.

1. It Eliminates Potential Health Risks

The fungus-based life form of mold is known to cause serious allergies and health problems if nothing is done to mitigate the problem. Some of the symptoms caused by mold include respiratory problems, headaches, sinus congestion, skin rash and throat irritation. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms every time you are home, then a mold test will identify the source of mold and how best you can eliminate the problem. If the presence of mold is detected, it is important to have immediate medical attention to minimize long-term health issues related to mold.

2. It Ensures Proper Remediation Takes Place

Mold that keeps appearing every now and then after remediation is a nightmare to most homeowners. There are high chances that you have hidden mold and the visible growth is just a tip of the iceberg. A mold test can reveal the presence of mold behind walls and areas where you never thought you could find it. Recurring mold causes frequent allergies as long as its primary source of growth remains hidden. Besides revealing hidden mold, professionals usually recommend the best way to eliminate the problem. This gives you peace of mind since you do not have to worry about recurring mold.

3. It Increases the Value of Your Home when Selling Property

The primary concerns when selling your property is getting the most value out of your home. A home infested with molds can significantly lower the value of your property during resale. A new homebuyer may demand a mold test before making the purchase. In a situation where the tests for mold are positive, it can either terminate the deal, or lower the value at which you will be selling the property. Taking a mold test before selling a home may increase its value since potential homebuyers want to know that they will be moving into a safe and healthy home.

4. It Helps Identify Sources of Moisture

Moisture is one of the primary conditions favorable for the growth of mold. If you are always running a busy schedule and do not have time to assess your home for any sources of moisture, then a mold test can help you solve the issue. Mold is more likely to be found in areas with excessive moisture. After a proper remediation takes place, you will not have to worry about mold or any mold-related illnesses.

5. It Provides Evidence for Insurance Claims or Litigation

A mold test can provide evidence for insurance claims in a situation where you experience loss of property due to mold infestation. It is usually difficult for an insurance company to follow up your claims if you have no backed up documents from a mold test professional. This is useful especially when you had insured your new home but the previous owner never disclosed full information about the property during a real estate transaction.

6. It Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

Although you may not see visible growth of mold, a mold test can help identify mold spores floating in the air. Because of their microscopic nature, it is usually impossible to tell the presence of mold just by looking. If you or any member of your family is frequently experiencing allergies, but there are no visible signs of mold growth, then it means your indoor air quality is compromised. A mold test leads to peace of mind since it can easily detect any presence of mold and ensure proper remediation of the problem.

Mold testing provides you with the needed information to remediate the problem and ensure your general safety. It is important for the mold test to be performed by a certified professional who can ensure proper mold remediation takes place. If you have difficulties locating hidden mold, or you are experiencing recurring mold, then mold testing will be the easiest way to identify and mitigate the problem.

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