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Why Does the Mold in my Garage Keep Coming Back?

Removing mold in the garage completely is quite tough because the garage is an area that has the right conditions for mold growth. It is for this reason that mold is always coming back in your garage. Having mold in your garage not only makes it look ugly, but can also damage structural materials. Furthermore, exposure to mold while in the garage can have detrimental health effects on you. This article looks into reasons why mold in your garage keeps coming back, and explains how to get rid of it.

Special Properties of Mold

A main reason why mold keeps coming back to the garage is that it has some properties that not many individuals consider when getting rid of it. Some of these attributes include:

  • Mold Spores Can Withstand the Worst Surroundings

For you to deal with mold effectively, you have to understand that mold reproduces by spreading spores. These spores have the potential to survive even in the very worst conditions. When these spores find ideal conditions, they settle there and start reproducing. If your garage has the right moisture and humidity levels, mold will definitely grow.

  • Mold is Microscopic

Individual mold spores cannot be seen with the naked eye. This means that mold could be existing in your garage without your knowledge. Even if you try to get rid of it, you cannot eliminate all spores, as they are all over.

Reasons Why Mold in Your Garage Keeps Coming Back

  • Leaky Pipes and Poor Ventilation

Mold likes to grow in wet and cold areas with poor ventilation. Since most garages have such conditions, mold problems are very likely. The situation will even be worse if you have a leaky plumbing system in there. Moisture is one of the main conditions needed by molds to grow, and any delay in cutting off all its sources may never resolve the mold issue in your garage. This is even when you eliminate the mold but still have poor ventilation and leaky pipes. These two issues will always create room for new mold to grow.

  • Using Mold Resistant Paint

If your walls are already affected by mold, applying mold-resistant paint on them might be a quick fix but does not solve the mold issue completely. The mold spores underneath the applied paint will continue growing and will start showing up after some time. This makes it even hard for you to eradicate the mold and you will have to spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of the entire mold.

  • Using Bleaching Products

Many people believe that they can get rid of mold by only using bleaching products. This is just a myth because bleach only changes the color of the mold to a clear shade. By using bleach, you create an environment ideal for continued mold growth. It is also not advisable to use bleaching products, as you will most likely ingest bleach fumes and airborne mold spores in the process.

How to Prevent Mold in the Garage

Here are the things to do to prevent mold in the garage:

  • Identify the Source of Mold

The first thing you need to do is identify the root cause of mold growth in your garage. Some potential causes of mold growth include leaky plumbing, lack of good ventilation, a leaky roof, and poor water drainage. Once you have identified these causes, you can go ahead and have them fixed, and you can be sure about keeping mold at bay.

  • Reduce Moisture Levels

A major reason why mold always comes back in your garage is excess moisture and failure to eliminate all conditions for mold growth. It is crucial to monitor moisture levels in the garage, and keep the area properly ventilated using fans and air conditioning. Consider replacing old windows that allow in moisture, and reach out to experts to fix any plumbing problems.

If you have noticed mold in your garage, then you have probably already tried to get rid of it. Mold is known for going back to the same area, especially in the garage, even after it is cleaned up. This can be quite common if you have experienced water damage in your garage. The main reason why mold comes back is that it has special properties, which many homeowners do not consider when getting rid of it. For instance, mold is microscopic and can thus hide in certain places where you may not notice it when doing removal. It is because of this and many other reasons that you should consider hiring an expert to do mold removal in your garage for good.

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