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What to Know About Mold before You Purchase a New Home

Consistent exposure to mold leads to breathing difficulties and other respiratory problems such as coughing, sneezing, and worsening asthma. Visible mold in a home is considered a nuisance the fact that it violates the codes of public health. Not only does it cause serious health problems but also decreases the value of a home. Because of this reason, homeowners are required to disclose any history of mold problems to home buyers before closing their real estate deals.

However, not all sellers disclose full information about their property as required by the law. As a home buyer, it is essential to know a few things about mold before purchasing a new home. It helps you make wise decisions based on the amount of information you have about the home you want to buy.

The Mold Problem in a Home

Mold appears in many shapes and colors such as black, gray, green or white. Some are visible while others are hidden making it difficult to detect without special equipment. It can grow in different areas such as basements, attics, under floors, between walls, and other spots that are less accessible. Its growth is accelerated by extreme moisture or high levels of humidity. Leaking pipes, flooded basements, tightly sealed buildings, and poor ventilation are some of the areas you expect to find mold.

Now that you are buying a new home, it is important to know if it will be safe for you and your family. Some homeowners use fresh paint on their walls to cover visible patches of mold that could be detected on first sight. Since you can’t know by just looking, experts recommend asking for help from a professional home inspector. They have extensive knowledge and skills to detect signs of mold or water damage underneath the paint, floor or drywall. It is also important for agents or appraisers to notify you of any mold problem it could affect the value of the property.

Conducting a Home Inspection

It is important to inspect for mold before buying a new home. During an inspection, you learn what might have caused the growth of mold in a home. Although it is the duty of sellers to disclose an ongoing mold problem, not all will be ready to open up as they are eager to close the deal quickly. Conducting a home inspection can help detect any presence of mold saving you the expensive costs of mold remediation.

Is the Mold Present in the Home you are buying?

If mold is detected, the parties involved may decide to fix the problem by hiring a professional mold remediation company. The cost incurred will depend on the amount of work to be done based on the extent of the problem. Other situations are manageable and may call for large discounts on the final price to cater for the remediation.
Never be quick to walk away from your dream home just because you discovered a mold problem. It is possible to receive a great deal once you have an idea of the cost involved in mold remediation. Since mold exposure can cause severe health complications, you need to call in mold Remediation Company to handle the situation. Depending on how you agree with the seller, they can handle the costs or give you a discount on the overall price of the home.

Should I Purchase a Home with Mold?

Making a decision as to whether you should or should not purchase a home with mold depends on your current budget, and the duration it will take you to move in after remediation. It is unwise to purchase the home if you intend to move in immediately especially if you are suffering from asthma or allergies. On the contrary, if you like the location and environment of your new home and you have enough time and money, you can go ahead with the purchase. Although most people fear for their safety, such decision can save you lots of money since the home you intend to buy is appraised lower.

Since mold remediation can be expensive, some people prefer to search for other options rather than buy a home infested with molds. However, if the costs involved in mold remediation are lower and you will be receiving the home at a discounted price, you can always go ahead and purchase your new home. However, it is important to ensure that mold is completely removed from the building and that you are safe to move in with your family. Having an idea of how to deal with a mold problem saves you lots of money and allows you to live in your dream home.

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