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Ways to control humidity in your home

humidity-in-the-homeUnfortunately in life there are certain things that you can’t really control and one of those in particular is the weather. There are many elements of nature that can negatively affect your life, your health and your home, particularly here in Colorado.
From snow in winter to the heat in summer, falling leaves in fall or pollen allergies in spring, most of these natural occurrences can have some sort of effect on you and your family, and their health. But with the bad comes the good, and for every action there is a reaction, or in the case of these things, there are remedies for the problems.

In Denver, we have one of the most unique climates on the planet, with also one of the broadest ranges of temperature and humidity changes that come with it. One of the problems with our climate is that although we have a fairly arid climate, our homes still experience our fair share of regular humidity issues, but low humidity is one of the main issues we experience.

Colorado is blessed with a moderately dry climate that varies throughout the state. Western parts of the state have a desert climate, while Denver has an arid mountain climate with rapidly changing weather patterns. One of the main issues we come across living high in the mountains, is low humidity which makes the air dry, and in return causes the temperature to feel much colder than it truly is. One way we tend to combat this is to turn our furnaces up, to make us feel warmer, but what this in fact does, is creates an even dryer air, and yes, makes it feel colder again.

So how should we fix this? Well that is where humidity control comes into play. Adding humidity to the air, will give the air moisture, which in turn creates a more comfortable damper air that stays warmer for longer. Adding humidity to the heated air means you can turn the temperature down to feel warmer, therefore saving you loads of money in the long run. Unfortunately when adding moisture or humidity to your air, it opens up other issues to arise, like mold.

Mold loves humidity and moisture, and the more of it, the more mold thrives. So where is the happy medium between a warm home and a moldy one? Well mold prevention is the answer here. When you know that you are going to be creating a moist atmosphere in your home for the purpose of keeping warm, use mold preventative measures as a constant way to control it in your home.

3 of the best ways to prevent mold appearing are:

Although you will need to keep in all the heat you can during the colder months, you still need to keep areas that are commonly wet, like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries ventilated. In ceiling ventilation fans combined with good door seals are a good way to do this.

Spray Mold Preventatives:
Some of the best mold preventative sprays you can make from basic household ingredients, some you can buy off the shelf in your supermarket. See our other posts in our learning center for more details.

Mold Prevention Specialists: Have your local mold Removal and Prevention specialists come out and inspect your home.

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