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Top Three Hidden Costs of Mold Infestation

mold infestationEveryone knows that large scale mold invasions are expensive to clean up. Often times, when the colony has spread deep into the structure of the house, cleaning methods are no longer effective. Various building materials have to be replaced in order to remove the mold completely. That’s what mold testing and prevention are so important; they prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

But in addition to the costs people know about, mold has a number of hidden costs that you might not have considered. Before you put off that professional mold inspection, or skip out on those prevention measures, make sure you’re aware of the lesser-known costs.

1. Health problems

The list of health problems associated with mold exposure is long and diverse. It includes everything from ear, nose and throat problems, to mental fog, to the risk of brain damage in very serious and prolonged cases. Often times, people don’t even realize that the source of their illness is related to mold spores. It’s not until the problem is dealt with, and their health improves, that the harmful effects of mold are realized. Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from mold exposure, either. Pets also commonly exhibit symptoms.

2. Furniture and upholstery

It’s not just walls, ceilings, basements, attics and other infrastructure that can be ruined by mold. Anything upholstered is also at risk. The curtains, sofas and other furniture you’ve invested in can easily be overtaken by harmful mold spores, and beyond a certain point, cleaning will be impossible. The furniture becomes nothing but a source of mold, and has to be thrown out.

3. Property stigma

When mold becomes a serious problem in any home, it needs to be dealt with professionally. If not, those who live in the house will be at serious risk. But even when a serious mold problem is resolved by qualified professionals, the home’s market value never fully recovers. This has been shown in a number of documented cases.

In areas with strict mold disclosure laws, it’s required to fully disclose previous mold problems—and the measures taken to resolve the situation—to all potential buyers and realtors. A serious mold problem is permanent strike against a home’s record, and resale values are known to drop significantly when mold has been a problem.

Staying one step ahead

It’s obvious that a large scale mold invasion can be more costly than people realize. So how to you avoid these costly scenarios and protect your health and your property against mold? Prevention measures are, of course, the most important things. By understanding how mold grows and thrives, you can take measure to prevent it from ever grabbing hold. Professional mold testing is a good way to cover your bases in terms of unseen mold threats; and if you have a definite mold problem that needs dealing with, make sure you choose a reputable, qualified specialist with a proven track record of success.

We hope this information has been helpful and we look forward to seeing your comments!

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