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Top Mold Myths Debunked

Having mold in the house is detrimental to your health since it causes the majority of allergies as well as accelerating the effects of respiratory-related conditions like asthma. It also causes structural damage, which results to unnecessary costs of repair and maintenance, as well as hiking energy bills. With this in mind, it is important to get rid of it as soon as you spot it. However, mold issues become a serious problem in many homes because of some of the myths that are associated with them. This article debunks some of the top mold myths.

  • Mold Has no Benefits

As much as most of the house mold is dangerous to our health, it is not entirely true that all mold is harmful. Mold, especially outdoor mold, plays a very vital role in the environment since it helps in the decomposition of dead organic matter.

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Some types of mold-like Penicillium are used to manufacture penicillin, which is a very vital antibiotic. Another mold type, Aspergillus Flavus is used to manufacture cheese, which is a popular dietary component. It is therefore important to note that only the increased levels of mold are harmful to your health.

  • All Mold is Visible

Another myth that runs round is that all mold is visible. The truth is that although most types of mold are visible, you cannot see all mold because some of them have colorless spores. Such spores can be hovering in the air in your house without you seeing them. Experts advise that if you sense some musty odors in the house, it is highly likely that mold is present and you should take action before it reaches the recommended levels.

  • Chlorine Bleach is a Good Mold Killer

Most people have been duped into thinking that chlorine bleach is a good way to kill mold at home. The truth of the matter is that bleach only works by discoloring the mold, rendering it invisible. This leaves the discolored mold intact and it becomes even more difficult to remove since it cannot be seen.

  • Houses Should be Completely Mold-Free

The myth goes around that houses should be completely free of mold but the fact is that no matter how much we may try, we cannot entirely get rid of all mold from our houses. This is because mold spores from outside are blown by the wind into the house, even moments after you have remediated the house. Most often, such unseen mold is in low concentration levels and is thus deemed harmless.

  • Once Mold is Gone, it Cannot Come Back

Another fallacy that goes around is that once mold is removed, it cannot come back. However, mold can come back even after it is completely removed by a professional. This is true because as long as you are opening your windows and air from outside is coming into the house, it can always carry with it some mold spores.

  • Only Large Amounts of Mold are Dangerous

A myth exists that only concentrated levels of mold are harmful, and this makes some people ignore the small mold spots. The truth of the matter is that even the smallest spot of mold poses adverse health effects. Just like concentrated spots, a small mold spot produces enough spores to cause allergies, as well as respiratory-related issues in people with a compromised immune system. It is therefore wise to get rid of the mold spots, when you see them, however small they may be.

  • You Can Entirely Get Rid of Mold by Yourself

One of the many misconceptions people have is that they can completely get rid of mold from the house, whereas the fact is that you cannot. A professional has the necessary skills and knowledge to remove the mold completely because they know where and how to trace it. You, on the other hand, lack such skills. A professional is the best to deal with mold because apart from removing it, they will also offer informed advice on how to prevent its growth on its onset.

Mold thrives perfectly in dark areas that are moist and warm, and this means that on top of removing the mold, you should address moisture and other conditions that can cause mold growth. You can do this by fixing leaking pipes and turning on the air conditioner often. Also, ensure to dry all the water from the bathroom floor and walls, then open windows so that air from outside can penetrate to every corner. If you have mold growing in your house, consider calling in professionals to help you get rid of it.

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