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At What Time Should You Call in a Mold Testing Professional?

Mold growth is usually underway by the time you get a visual clue of the problem. It usually starts to grow inside ducts, crawlspaces and other areas that receive constant moisture. It grows and multiplies quickly over a short time if the problem is not addressed. While some people may ignore the issue until mold becomes visible, other homeowners act promptly once they notice signs of mold in their house. The mold that remains hidden from normal view requires the expertise of a mold testing professional, as they have the right equipment and expertise to detect mold and give advice on remediation strategies. This article looks at different signs that show you it is time to call in a mold testing professional.

  • A Musty Smell

Mold grows in a damp and moist environment and is always accompanied by a musty odor. You may notice this scent every time you walk into your home because of the difference in air quality. Smelling a musty odor is a sign that you may have mold hidden somewhere in your house. You can always rely on a mold-testing professional, as they have the necessary expertise to detect and eliminate the mold problem.

  • Allergic Reactions

Another time to call in a mold-testing professional is when you are constantly getting sick every time you are indoors but feel fine when you are away from home. You may experience allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes or running nose. All these symptoms may occur when you accidentally inhale mold spores or they encounter the skin. Since you have not tested for mold, it may be hard to tell whether the symptoms you experience are caused by mold or other underlying conditions.

  • Recent Water Damage

Mold requires water or moisture to grow and is more prevalent in homes that have encountered a flood, plumbing issue or structural damage. After a successful water restoration, you might consider calling in a professional to check the area for any signs of mold. Failure to address the issue in time may result in extensive structural damage as well as health problems caused by long exposure to mold. Testing for mold ensures everything in your house is clear of a mold problem before going back to your daily routine.

  • Purchasing a New Home

Since buying a piece of property requires a great financial commitment, you want to be assured of the authenticity of your real estate transaction. No one wants to get into someone else’s problems when they could have avoided them in the first place. If you suspect your new home may have a mold issue, it is best to call in a mold testing professional. A seller may easily cover serious mold issues under fresh paint that only lasts for a short period before reality kicks in.

  • Legal Reasons

If you think you may have to take some legal action against a home seller, landlord, or an insurance company, it is very important to get a mold inspection. You will receive documentation of the mold test results, which can help you back up your claims on what is happening in your home. When you have no lab results that show you have a mold problem, you stand to lose the case since no one can verify that what you are saying is true.

  • Peace of Mind

People who live with chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma want to make sure that mold is not the major reason behind their worsening symptoms. Perhaps you live in an old home where a mold problem was not taken care of properly. This may raise some concern when it comes to your family’s safety as well as the integrity of the structure. Others are afraid of mold exposure and are curious to know whether their home may have mold. All the above reasons may require the help of a testing professional, as they help to detect and address the problem effectively. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe from mold issues

A professional can test for mold inside walls, crawlspaces, and other areas in your home that are overlooked. A mold inspection can also help identify the source of moisture in your home, which is an essential requirement for mold growth. Mold will always continue to grow and spread rapidly if the source of moisture is not found and eliminated. A professional not only tests for mold but may also give some advice on the best mold remediation strategies once mold has been located in your home.

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