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Mold Testing Pitkin County, Colorado

Serving Pitkin County, Colorado for decades!

For more than 20 years, Mold Testing Colorado has been servicing the Pitkin County region for rainwater and flood damage restoration. We’re a fully licenced mold inspection and testing company, working with both residential and commercial clients. We use state of the art equipment to ensure we are able to assess your mold problem properly.

If your property has become exposed to water or damaged with flooding or moisture, we can help. We’ll not only be able to locate the cause of the problem, but we can also assess the situation and ensure you’re on the right path to mold remediation. Our goal is to ensure your home and your health are both safe. Mold Testing Pitkin County offers superior customer service.

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Mold Inspection & Testing Pitkin County CO

At Mold Testing Pitkin County, Co, we know all about mold. We have been working in the region for two decades and our professional team of experts know all there is to know about mold treatment and removal. We use the latest techniques and technology to keep you safe.

If there’s one thing we all know about mold, it’s that it loves dark and damp places. That means if you have a basement, you could be susceptible to dangerous levels of mold and mildew in that space. The toughest part about the basement as well is that you don’t spend a lot of time there, so often the damage is done before you realize there is a problem. But it’s not just downstairs that causes problems with mold. Anywhere that gathers moisture is at risk – from your bathroom to your kitchen, under the tiles, even under the carpet if there has been a water spill.

And of course, mold is detrimental to your health and has been linked to a number of ailments, from sinus congestion and sneezing, through to respiratory problems.
If you have any fears, Mold Testing Pitkin County provides sampling, testing and inspection services.

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Qualified & Certified Mold Remediation Solutions in Pitkin County CO

The weather is unpredictable and although the weatherman in Pitkin County might be on par with telling us when it might rain or shine, they aren’t always on point when it comes to the level of rain. It’s not uncommon for minor flooding to occur in the region when we’ve had a heavy rain, and flooding is also prominent as the ice melts after a long winter. After winter isn’t the only problem either. During the colder months, you’ll often bring snow inside with you, which of course falls to the floor and melts. This can create problems underneath your tiles and carpet – which in turn can lead to mold.

Once mold gets into the pores of your flooring or walls, it can thrive, loving the dark and damp of the space. It’s impossible to see with the naked eye, at least until it becomes a real problem and you start to see black mold through the paint. That’s where our technicians come in.

We have thermal imaging devices that are designed to find any moisture in your walls and flooring, before it has the chance to become a problem. It’s ideal to have your home or office checked annually, particularly after an icy winter or summer rains. Thermal imaging isn’t intrusive and it allows us to look inside your walls, roof, floors, ceiling and anywhere there might be moisture. It doesn’t show up mold, but it does show us potential hazards.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Analysis Pitkin County CO

At Mold Testing Pitkin County, Co, we offer emergency services to help you contain any potential mold hazards before they become big problems. If you’ve experienced flooding, whether that’s from rains or a plumbing problem in your home; or you have any concerns about mold and mildew, get in touch with our team today to discuss your options. We are more than happy to arrange a consultation onsite.

Mold Testing Pitkin County Colorado provides certified and qualified mold remediation services to homes and businesses throughout the region. We use the latest technology and we undergo continuous training to ensure we’re at the top of our game.

Don’t risk living with mold that could harm your health, or ruin the foundations of your home. Get in touch with our team of professionals today to arrange a consultation.

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