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Mold is nothing to play with. Whether you see it or not, if you suspect mold either from a water event that recently took place or you smell mildew, have your environment tested. It simply is not worth the risk of “waiting and seeing”. Don’t wait until health issues arise such as a bloody nose or respiratory problems.

Visible mold is obviously a serious issue that you are subject to mold exposure. Usually, mold can quickly identified by its green, black or gray color growing on the wall or another structure. However, be careful and note that some types of mold spores often go unnoticed because they look like ordinary dirt or soot. Regardless of whether you see any visible mold, odds are that some mold spores are lingering in the air and it is much better to be safe than sorry. Mold Testing Colorado can get you the answers you deserve to keep you and your family safe quickly.

Mold Testing Colorado is here to answer your questions and provide solutions that protect your home or office. If mold is in your home or office, we will find it. Our mold testing system is thorough and certified. Mold has the ability to grow in multiple places in a home, but bathrooms, showers, basements, and attics are common locations mold loves to hide. However, sometimes mold will hide in unsuspected places.

When choosing a mold testing company, it is important to check online and onsite reviews and testimonials. Our Google Reviews are all 5 star and this is due to our sincere commitment to our customers needs and their health. We take time before, during, and after your mold testing process. While the majority of our customers are home owners who are concerned about their loved ones and potential risks, we also work with many professionals including real estate agents and landlords in Colorado.

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If you are in the market for a new home in Colorado, be sure to insist on a mold testing home inspection before laying out your hard earned money on a purchase. The older the building that you are considering to purchase, the more reason to demand a mold inspection. Do not be fooled into thinking that because we don’t get a lot of rain, that we are not at risk in Colorado for mold. Our cold climate and severe temperatures invite ice melt and water damage that creates many opportunities for mold to grow unexpectedly. The fact of the matter is that mold is quite common in the Centennial State!

Our services go beyond just testing your environment for mold, but we will also give you some valuable tips once visiting your location to help prevent mold from coming back. If we see anything in your business or home that lends to increase mold exposure or risk, we will be sure to let you know. Often we are called in for consultations for new construction to provide this service alone. Mold has many ways to cause serious damage. Mold Testing Colorado understands our environment throughout the state and will help you fight to make sure you are protected. We look forward to serving you. Contact Us today!