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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Storage Areas

Storage units are small metallic container units that are rented out for extra storage for items that you rarely use but are still important. Examples of items that are usually kept in storage units are books and clothes. The essence of a storage unit is to keep the items safe and retrieve them in the best condition possible just like they were when you brought them in. However, this is not always the case because if mold grows, they will be damaged. This makes it a good idea to learn how to prevent mold growth in storage units. This article looks at exactly that.

  • Clean and Dry the Items Thoroughly

Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in dirty, dark, and moist conditions. You may have gone out of your way in ensuring that the storage unit is moist free but mess up when packing the items. The boxes you keep in the storage unit can bring in a perfect environment for mold growth if it is not thoroughly cleaned of dirt and water. The best way to do this is to clean and dry the items some days before taking them into the storage unit because this will allow enough time to dry.

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  • Use the Right Boxes

In a bid to prevent mold growth in storage units, the choice of boxes plays a critical role. As much as you would want to be eco-friendly, using garbage bags to store items in storage units is not a great idea. This is because such bags are meant to sweat, hence causing moisture accumulation, which leads to mold growth in the unit. If you are storing clothes in the unit, consider using airtight plastic boxes, to prevent moisture from seeping in. If you are storing books in the unit, use breathable acid-free boxes to prevent sweat and moisture buildup. Even as you choose the right boxes for packaging your items, ensure to stack them in the right manner to avoid the buildup of sweat and moisture accumulation.

  • Use Desiccants When Packing Your Items

Desiccants include chemical compounds such as silica gel packets that are used to absorb residual moisture from a package. After ensuring that all other moisture loopholes have been sealed, throw some desiccant packets intro the packaging boxes to achieve a 100% moisture-free environment in the unit. Since they too have an expiry date, ensure to replace them regularly, otherwise, they will themselves harbor mold growth and damage your items.

  • Rent for Climate-Controlled Units

The best way to prevent mold growth in a storage unit is to take care when choosing a storage unit for your items. You do not want to store your precious items only to remove them damaged. Some storage units come with climate control features such as air conditioners and vapor barriers. Even those that lack such features can be furnished with climate control features, a cost that falls squarely on your shoulders. Even as you go for such storage units, be advised that they come at a higher amount of rent than those that lack such features. All the same expensive storage units are worth it because they guarantee you peace of mind by eliminating the hassles of installing mold growth preventive measures.

  • Conduct Regular Checks at the Unit

Another great method of preventing mold growth in storage areas is by paying the unit regular visits. Such visits prevent mold growth since you have an opportunity to check the condition of your item. In case you notice any sign of mold growth or detect some mucky smell, you will take the necessary measures to remove it at its onset. It is also during the visit that you are going to think of what you can do to arrest or rectify moisture issues in the storage unit.

  • Maximize Airflow

When storing your packaging boxes, avoid placing them directly on the floor because the floor is porous and will cause moisture accumulation. Also, avoid stacking so many packaging boxes on top of each other because this might also cause sweating and lead to moisture. Be sure not to pack the boxes in contact with the walls to allow airflow even in the corners.

No matter how much we may try, we can never achieve a 100% air quality in our houses, and storage units are no different. With this in mind, it is wise to seek professional mold services to remediate and lay down professional mold growth preventive measures.

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