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Why Mold Remediation Is Important in The Home This Fall

While as a child you may have been terrified of monsters under the bed or goblins in the closet, as an adult you know there are more dangerous and threatening villains haunting your home and your health. Mold being one of the major threats to your home and wellbeing.

It often grows unnoticed throughout your home, hiding behind tiles, inside walls and suspended ceilings, as well as a variety of other hidden areas. It may not sound as dangerous as a monster or a goblin, but it’s a serious risk to your health and your home. The signs of black mold can be difficult to spot, often until it’s too late, and by then the fungus has spread, causing damage to your property and your health.

It’s vital that you know how to recognize the early signs of mold and know what measures to take when you do find it in your home.

Know Your Enemy

The single organism degrades a variety of materials which leads to property damage (and food spoilage, too, of course). There is no secret to molds ability to thrive in humidity. Any area of your home that has a higher level of moisture or a small leak can result in the development of mildew and mold. Mold is quick to spread because the spores are light and air flow carries them quickly throughout the home. The contaminant can even affect your clothing and furniture.

Sadly, the problem will have started long before you see any visual clues. It often starts within crawl spaces, behind wallpaper, tiles, or paneling, or inside ducts. If you spot any blistering paint, deepening cracks, crumbling plaster, cracks or gaps in grout, crumbling plaster, or flooring that feels soft, wet, or has unexplained stains then you may have a mold problem.

Another sign is a constant musty smell when your home is otherwise well maintained. This is the number one sign of mold growth and you should not ignore it, rather that is the moment when you should call in the professional mold remediation company.

Call the Professionals

There are two key reasons that you must act quickly when you find mold and have it remediated by the professionals immediately.

Property Damage – mold spreads quickly and easily and it will continue to flourish unless you eliminate the source of moisture allowing it to thrive. Their spores are invisible and airborne, so they can affect not just your property itself, but your possessions therein. It doesn’t take long for the damage to spread and it just gets worse. The longer it is allowed to fester the more difficult the remediation process will be and the more expensive and extensive the repairs will be.

Health Damage – exposure to mold can cause simple issues like itchy eyes and wheezing, but it can be more serious than that. It can lead to severe coughing, bloody noses, labored breathing, headaches, fatigue, and even memory issues. While not every person is as sensitive to mold spores, some people are incredibly susceptible, such as those with allergies, asthma, or pulmonary diseases. Do not underestimate the health risk that mold poses.

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