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Is Mold Inspection After Remediation Necessary?

One thing that experts keep reminding us is that it is impossible to have a 100% mold-free air in your home. This is because even after you have fully remediated your house, some bits of mold spores can be blown inside the house by the wind from outside.

Furthermore, some mold remediation experts will not always do a thorough job. This is the reason a post-remediation inspection is necessary; to give you the peace of mind that the entire growing mold has been removed and that the remaining levels of mold will not cause any damage or pose health risks. 

This article looks at the benefits of mold inspection after remediation.

  • It Guarantees You Peace of Mind
inspection indoor environmental quality assessment inside a bathroom.

The fundamental purpose of post-mold remediation inspection is to give you the peace of mind that the harmful mold has been dealt with, and that the little remaining mold spores will not have an impact on the structural damage. It also assures that you and your family are safe from the health risks posed by the presence of mold in the house. Any mold that may have mistakenly been left behind is spotted during post-remediation inspection.

  • It Saves You Time and Resources

Having your house inspected for mold after remediation helps in saving you time and resources. This is because if there is still some mold left in the house, you will just tell the professionals to deal with it right then before they leave the site. This will save you resources in that you will not have to hire a different professional to remove it later, which comes at a cost that may be even more than you are paying the current professional. Doing so will also help save some time because you will not be required to go up and down looking for a different mold professional later on.

  • It Helps Protect Your Framing From Damage

If elevated levels of mold were left behind for any reason during the remediation process, this would be very risky for your house. Mold causes damage and rot on your structural framing, making it weak in such that could make it cave in. Bearing in mind the amount of money you spent on building or buying your house, you would not mind the little cost of post-remediation inspection.

  • It Helps Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

The musty smell of mold is quite unpleasant and uncomfortable especially to people with a compromised immune system or are asthmatic. Upon breathing in such air with mold, the airways produce overly more mucus, making breathing impossible. Having quality air in your house also improves the quality of life. You do not want to live with a musty smell in your house.

  • It Helps in Earning You a Good Report

A mold inspector makes a final report depending on his findings after the entire mold has been remediated. A good inspection report is important because it determines whether you will be given a clean bill of health. If the report says that the air quality is poor, then another remediation will be conducted, and this too will come at a cost. It, therefore, means that you should try as much as possible to receive a good mold inspection report. Conducting post-remediation inspection is one of the many ways to get higher points in the report.

  • It Improves the Value of Your Home

A good report is dependent on a post-remediation inspection because it gives the person making the report that the house is completely mold-free. A great mold inspection report on the other hand is important as far as the value of your home is concerned. It pays off when reselling the property. A prospecting homebuyer is more likely to go for a property that has been inspected, remediated, and approved safe for human habitation. They are also more likely to pay better for such a house. No one would like to buy a property whose mold levels have not been approved.

A post-mold remediation inspection helps prevent the return of mold infestation. This is because, on top of removing the mold, they also offer you professional advice on how to prevent further growth and what you can do to remove it. However, landing a good mold professional also plays a critical role in thorough remediation such that you may not even need a post-remediation inspection. Before hiring mold professional services, first, verify their experience by looking at their customer testimonials and ratings.

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