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Is Your Home Infested with Mold? Look for These Warning Signs

mold infested houseMold has a way of creeping up on you. One day it’s business as usual, and the next you’ve got a massive mold problem on your hands. It’s in the walls, the cupboards, the grout—it’s in everything!

If only you’d noticed the problem earlier, it might not have gotten to this level. Because the reality is, it didn’t happen all at once. Mold needs time to grow, as well as the right conditions. Nip your mold problems in the bud by keeping your eyes peeled for these telltale warning signs of mold infestation.

Musty Odors

It’s amazing how many people fail to act when the evidence is literally under their noses. If you’re noticing strong odors in your home, opening a window or airing out the room will temporarily freshen the air—but the underlying mold problem will remain unchanged. Don’t think that it’s not there just because it’s out of sight. Trust your olfactory senses and take action when you smell mold.

Visible Mold

It might look like grime or dirt, but those dark stains could also be mold. Pay special attention to areas that look fibrous, web-like, mossy or gritty—and don’t assume mold has to be green! The most harmful type is black, and mold can also have a yellow, gray, white, orange or even bluish color. Some infestations are easy to spot—such as dark mold spots growing on grout between tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. Other infestations may only look like large shadows on the wall or ceiling. It’s possible for serious infestations to be completely invisible to the naked eye; in these cases, you have to rely on the other warning signs, or call in a professional mold inspector.

Water Damage

Any time your home sustains excessive or prolonged water damage, your mold radar should kick into overdrive. Mold thrives in damp environments. You might notice leaky pipes, water stains on the walls or floors, heavy condensation on the windows, or puddles of standing water around the base of the house. Large damp spots visible on the exterior of the property are also warning signs, especially in areas constantly shaded by overhanging trees. Any of these water damage events give you probable cause to suspect mold.

Physical Symptoms

Mold can lead to a whole host of nasty health problems for anyone living or working near it. If your family members or employees begin exhibiting allergy-like symptoms on a regular basis, and the property has any of the other warning signs for mold, you may well have an infestation on your hands.

Common mold-related symptoms include:
Coughing and wheezing
Blocked sinuses
Soreness/rawness in the throat
Irritated, watery eyes
Infections of the upper respiratory tract

Hopefully, if you heed the other warning signs, you’ll never get to the point of physical symptoms. But mold is a notoriously unhealthy houseguest, and physical effects are an unfortunate reality!


We want to help you stop mold in its tracks through education and awareness. If you have any questions or comments about these common warning signs, feel free to leave them in the space below!

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