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How to Stop Mold in a Bathroom

Due to the extensive use of hot water, there is a heavy existence of warmth and moisture in our bathrooms. On the other hand, there are many hidden surfaces like below the sink, below the toilet seat, under bathroom cabinetry and recessed storage units. If not well taken care of, such areas can be a haven for mold and mildew growth. When this happens, the situation may be worse than in any other area because of the complexity of access to such areas. This article looks at some ways to stop mold in the bathroom.

  • Repair Leaking Pipes 

Because of the restricted access, most of the hard to reach areas like the pipes below the sinks can be experiencing leaks without your knowledge. Should you see or notice any sign of mold growth, the first thing you should do is check for possible water leaks. This is because water is among the major catalysts for mold growth. Most of the leak repairs are a DIY work so there is no need for a contractor; all you need is a pipe wrench to tighten loose valves and bends.

  • Leave the Windows Open

Because of the constant use of water, accumulation of humidity after a shower can be on accelerated levels. Since humidity is among the major catalysts for mold growth, there is a need for optimum aeration in the bathroom. If you have big bathroom windows you are good to go, you may not even need a dehumidifier. Once left open after a shower, the windows will allow enough air to settle into the bathroom. Even as you do this, ensure to close the bathroom door to prevent the air from escaping into the other rooms in the house while at the same time allowing circulation. You may not even need to turn on the dehumidifier since the air from outside is enough to ventilate the whole bathroom.

  • Clean Regularly

Mold is a living organism that thrives on dirty and humid areas, and as a result, the surfaces should be cleaned once in 3 weeks. These dusty areas may become wet and end up being muddy, and this is a perfect growing medium for mold. To avoid this scenario, use a microfiber cloth and some detergents to wipe all the surfaces, especially the taps and sinks. Use a hard brush to clean dirt from the grout. Then go and ahead and replace the damaged grout using latex caulk.

  • Install a Dehumidifier

If you do not have big enough windows in your bathroom, a dehumidifier is your most appropriate alternative. A dehumidifier is the best even if you have big windows. This is because it will direct air even in the most hidden surfaces and will not let in dust and dirt from outside as the windows do. The dehumidifier will hike your energy bills but the expense will be less compared to the process of mold remediation.

  • Improve the Lighting

In most cases, mold grows in dark hidden surfaces because it is hard for you to notice. It, therefore, means that improving the lighting system in the bathroom will leave little chances of mold growth because you can see and remove them, right from the onset of spores. Enough light will also help you see the leaking pipes and dirt settled on the surfaces, which are perfect conditions for the growth of mold.

  • Keep All Fabric Clean and Dry

Bathroom fabrics such as mats, towels and shower curtains all get wet at one point. It is normal for them to get wet but when left for so long, they can lead to mold growth, a situation you do not want. After each bath, ensure to turn on the dehumidifier to dry moisture on the fabrics. Also, ensure to clean the towels every 3 days to avoid dirt accumulation. Also, remember to dry off your fabrics after every shower session. As you do so, remember to open the shower curtain so that the shower area can get enough aeration.

Experts say that it is hard, if not impossible to have a perfect air quality in the house. With this in mind, it means that you cannot entirely prevent mold on your own, but experts can. It is therefore important that you contact mold removal services once you spot any sign. Professionals will completely eliminate the mold and help you lay down the necessary precautionary measures. This is the only way through which you can entirely be free form bathroom mold.

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