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How Do You Know If Mold Has Been Painted Over?

It has become a norm for mold to be constantly painted over. This emanates from the idea that paint can eliminate mold. It is important to know whether mold has been painted over especially when you intend to acquire a new house or rent some sectional property possibly for commercial purposes.

Painting over mold poses dangerous health risks if it is not eliminated from the house. More so, if you have made the decision to paint over mold or if you reasonably suspect that it has been painted over, then there are visible and clear signs on the walls and ceilings in question. This article looks at the several signs that you ought to look out for in order to ascertain whether mold has been painted over.

  • Bad Odor

Regardless of how much effort you put into painting over mold, its smell will still be constantly present. It is therefore a very self defeating exercise to paint over mold. If you happen to notice any weird smell in your home, you should try to detect whether the odors spawning from the wall are actually ordinary smells or whether they result from the mold that has been painted over.

  • Yellow Colored Spots on the Walls

Many realtors often ensure that the homes put up for sale are painted over with bright and neutral colors to ensure that they look better hence increasing their valuation. It is therefore easy to recognize whether mold has been painted over. You just need to check for some yellow tone on several areas on the wall. If the spots are present, then that is a huge indicator that there is hidden mold growth, which might be due to significant water damage.

  • Bowing Ceilings

Ceilings are very prone and susceptible to water damage due to the high possibility of water leakages emerging from the roof. Most people therefore consider replacing the ceiling or fixing the leakages to be a very overwhelming task. They decide to pursue the shorter route of just painting over the mold without even fixing the underlying issues. With regard to signs, you should check for light brown spots on the ceiling. They indicate that there is some water or moisture issue thus the presence of mold underneath. Another best sign to detect this is the bowing out of the ceiling and it ought to be remediated promptly.

  • Cracked or Peeling Paint

Paint normally adheres onto the walls very well. However, when the paint starts to crack and peel off, then chances are high that there is something hindering this adherence. In most instances, this is usually moisture beneath the coat of paint and it is definitely obvious that whether there is moisture, then definitely there is some accompanying mold.

  • Lumpy Wall Surface

It is very rare to find fresh paint bubbling and it never chips. A lumpy wall is characterized by some protrusion of the drywall and it often results from water damage and some mold on the opposite side.  Therefore, you should always check for this kind of uneven surface that makes it easy to detect that mold has indeed been painted over.

All these signs clearly depict that not only is there some covered mold, there might also be serious underlying problems that have not been sufficiently addressed. You should ensure that there is due diligence on your part. This is attained by always checking and verifying whether there is a coat of paint applied in order to mask and conceal a very serious mold problem. Just to reiterate, you should press your hand against the wall and if it feels bubbly and exceedingly damp, then you might be dealing with some mold issues.

As it was highlighted earlier, if you are intending to purchase a new house, you should inspect it thoroughly. If there are some indicators that the house probably has some mold, you should negotiate the price in order to cover for the costs that you will use in order to remedy that mold issue. You need to remember that you will need to hire a mold testing and remediation company. This is recommended because dealing with mold by yourself can end up causing mold issues instead of dealing with the problem. It is also quite dangerous to deal with mold because it can cause a variety of health issues. From the foregoing, you should avoid taking the short cut of proceeding with the mold by simply painting over it as it could pose fatal health concerns.

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