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Home Remedies to Deal with Mold

Mold mostly thrives in hidden surfaces of your walls, cracks between tiles, and leaking pipes that make your bathroom and kitchen damp. The bacterium that causes mold does well in areas that receive little to no sunlight and during the rainy seasons. A mold infestation is not only bad to look at or smell, but it can also pose serious health problems, the main one being allergies to you and your pets. It also causes an awful smell that makes you sneeze, skin irritation, infections on the skin, and clogged nose, usually referred to as sinus. It also destroys your wooden furniture or structures in your homestead, costing you so much money. This article looks at some home remedies to help you deal with mold.

  • Increase Ventilation

Molds thrive in areas with poor air circulation and little to no sunlight. It is thus advisable to open all your windows and doors to let in fresh air. You should also turn on available air conditioners to ensure that fresh air circulates even in the hidden surfaces of porous items. This eliminates the chances of mold growing.

  • Dispose the Infested Items

Some wooden or porous items can be so much infested to a point that they are damaged beyond repair. Therefore, to prevent the mold on their surfaces from spreading to other areas, it is advisable that you throw them away and have them replaced with new ones.

  • Regular inspection

Ensure you keep inspecting your house for any leakages in the bathroom and kitchen pipes, and corners of hidden surfaces in your homestead. Leaking pipes cause dampness and this is a perfect area for mold to thrive. Having these pipes repaired and tightly closed is a sure way of keeping mold at bay. The spaces between broken tiles or walls of your bathroom could also facilitate mold growth. Have such tiles replaced and you will get rid of mold.

Using Nontoxic Domestic Chemicals to Get Rid of Mold

Before using any home chemicals to clean mold, it is always advisable that you first read the usage instructions so that you do not mix chemicals that could be harmful to you or the surface you want to remove mold.

You also need to ensure that you have a protective nose mask and gloves since some of these chemical solutions can cause skin irritation or harmful smell, especially if you are allergic. Some of these solutions are; hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, vinegar, distilled ethanol, grape fruit extract, alcohol and tea tree oil. Most of these chemical solutions are cheap and easily available in your local stores.

They are also safe to use since they do not pose serious side effects. In case they accidentally encounter the skin or eyes, you can simply clean them with water. With chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide, you just need to pour one teaspoon into a cup of water, mix and then put in a spray bottle. Spray over the infected surface and leave for about an hour then use a soft cloth to clean.

The reason for a soft cloth is to avoid damaging the paint on the surface since these reagents are strong.  If you are using alcohol, vinegar or distilled ethanol, you just need to put the concentrated amount into a spray bottle and spray it over the infested surface. Afterward, leave it for about an hour then use a soft cloth to clean the mold. These reagents are highly effective since most of them contain properties that counter the survival of fungi or the bacteria that causes mold.

  • Apply Varnish

After you are through with cleaning the mold using the aforementioned chemicals, and the surface is dry, apply a coating of varnish on the surface. Varnish contains properties that kill the bacteria that causes mold. It is also hard and this prevents mold from easily clinging on the painted surface. In addition, the surface will look as appealing as it were new. You should note that this remedy is for wooden surfaces only.

If some parts of your house have an awful smell or there is dampness, these are signs of mold. Do not ignore them, but take the needed steps to clean the mold since it can pose serious health problems or cost you money. In fact, mold is said to be a major cause of allergies. You will also want to maintain a good environment in your homestead. Despite this, handling all these might be quite overwhelming, especially if you do not have the time and expertise. So, consider calling in a professional instead.

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