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What Should I Expect To Pay For Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation, your safety is more important than the cost to fix the problem, but it’s something you’re still going to be concerned about. Particularly if you live on a tight budget.

Here are some of the costs you can expect when you get mold remediation.

Removing A Small Area Of Mold

If the area of mold is a small one then it may be possible for you to treat the area yourself. You’ll need some cleaning supplies and it would be wise to invest in a respirator as well, this will help you avoid breathing in any spores. Remember, mold spores spread even when the mold is dead. However, if the area is a big one you will need to call in the professionals.

For Big Mold Jobs

Of course, if you can do the job yourself it is going to be cheaper. However, attempting to treat a large area is not something you should do unless you have the proper training to do so. A specialist will take care of things like cleaning the ductwork, as well as the attic, basement, or crawlspace where the issue originated. Mold spores are airborne and once they are in the air they can easily make their way into your heating and cooling system. Once they’ve infested this they will simply be re-circulated throughout your home. So, even once you’ve taken care of the mold problem in the area it will just continue to spread and possibly make you sick.

The Cost

It will vary from specialist to specialist, which is why it’s important for you to contact a few mold remediation companies before you make your decision. The cost, though, will heavily depend on the size of your issue, the type of the mold, and how far it has managed to creep.

For a simple job, it may run around $500, but it could be as much as $6,000. On average, you can generally expect to pay $2,000. That is if your mold problem is in your basement, crawlspace or attic (which is typically where mold problems are found). Other common areas that attract mold are bathrooms, vents, duct-work, roof decking, and within your walls where there are pipes prone to leaks or sweating. However, any area of your home is at risk if it’s excessively humid or has a lot of moisture. That means it can grow on your carpet, your furniture, and even your clothing.

If your problem is in a contained area and it’s a small one then you should expect to come in at $500, but if the problem is throughout your whole attic then you can expect it to run closer to the upper limit of $4,000.

Now, if it is your HVAC system that is involved you’re looking at that $6,000 cost because this is going to require a deep cleaning that requires specialist products.

There are other costs at play when your belongings get involved. For example, if the problem is widespread and it has infested your furniture, drywall, carpeting, and more then the costs could reach $10,000. This is because you will need to pay for fabric cleaning (or to replace the furniture) as well as to remove and replace carpeting and drywall that has been affected.

If your sewage system is involved then the cost can grow higher. If the mold is the result of a sewage flood then the cleaning and testing that are required can see you pay up to $20,000.

This is why it’s so important to deal with mold as soon as you notice it, a small problem can quickly grow out of control and become an incredibly costly issue.

Identifying Mold

Since mold often starts small it is easy for it to go unnoticed, especially when it starts somewhere like your crawlspace or in ductwork. So, for many homeowners, the first hint of a problem will be the musty odor. You may also notice staining on your ceilings, doors or walls. Of course, visible mold in your home is also a sign. You may not have any of these signs, but you could be experiencing allergies which could indicate there’s an issue.

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