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The Cost of Mold Prevention vs Mold Remediation

mold-preventWe have all heard the famous quote, “prevention is better than cure”, and when it comes to mold, prevention is definitely a much better and cheaper option. Mold infestation is dangerous to your health, and costly to repair, so to prevention of a mold invasion of your home has more benefits than you can imagine. Although there are many ways to remedy a mold infestation, we’ve put together a list of prevention techniques and compared them to the remedy for repairing.

Prevention technique: Under $500.00

Repair of leaky plumbing or sources of exterior water intrusion – This process could cost hundreds of dollars, but when compared to the outcome of not replacing these leaks when you first discover them, a few hundred dollars is a much better spend.

Remediation Technique: $10,000+

If your leaky plumbing gets out of hand and not repaired or replaced early, it can cause huge issues down the track. Once your pipes begin to leak inside your walls, it begins an irreversible process of creating the perfect breeding ground for mold. The replacement costs for a serious mold infestation within your walls can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars, as you will be required to replace walls, flooring, floor coverings and often furniture. If your home insurance doesn’t cover it, then you will be very much out of pocket.

Prevention technique: Under $10.00

Sustaining a low humidity between 30-50% is a very cheap and effective preventative measure against mold. Humidity levels are measured by instruments called hygrometers, which cost less than $10.00 at your local hardware store.

Remediation Technique: $10,000+

Humidity levels in your home need to be controlled, because it is one of the leading causes of mold invasions. Now we don’t really need to tell you how a $10.00 instrument is cheaper than repairing mold infestation, because you already know the costs associated with repairing. Mold Remediation can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Case closed.

Prevention technique: $0.00 (just a little bit of time)

Check around fridges, air conditioners and furnaces for standing water. Keep your units serviced with consistent regular cleaning of ducts and air filters.

Remediation Technique: $10,000+

Mold loves to grow in stagnant water, so making sure there is no stagnant water for it to grow in, it the best way to prevent it from happening. It may take up a little of your time every few weeks ensuring that there is no standing water around, but in the long run, can save you a bucket load of money. It also stops mosquitoes from breeding, so this method of prevention has double the value.

Prevention technique: From $200.00 installed

Installing exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen helps to prevent moisture from attaching itself to your walls and floors, and is a great prevention technique that is far less costly. If you have windows that can be opened in kitchens and bathrooms, do so when cooking or showering so steam doesn’t affect the areas too much.

Remediation Technique: $10,000+

Water vapour or steam produced from cooking, bathing and household appliances rises through to your roof. When it contacts the cold air, it condenses into water droplets on the underside of the roof, creating a perfect playground for mold. Exhaust fans eliminate the build-up of steam inside your ceiling areas and give ventilation. Ventilation is the key to preventing mold in these areas, and for a few hundred dollars, it’s a much better way to spend your money than repairs.

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