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How To Choose A Great Professional Mold Removal Company

If mold is picked up early enough, and isn’t causing any problems within your home or workplace, it doesn’t usually warrant assistance from a mold removal company. But if it has managed to escape the surface and get into your carpets, or you have noticed there is mold spreading though your walls, shower, ceiling –and so on – and you just don’t know what to do; getting the professionals in to your home or business really is the best solution to what can be a big problem.

Here are some tips to help you choose a great mold removal company.

Speak to your friends and family

Do a bit of internet research and identify two or three of your top choice local companies to contact. Check their reviews online (both on and off the website) to help narrow it down. Every company has bad reviews, but if one business has 10 bad review and 1 good review, cross them off your list. When you contact them, give them all your details and ask them for a quote to cover the work you need done. Make sure to get an itemized list of what the quote is for. You don’t want to end up with just a report at the end of the day, when in fact you were expecting them to remove the mold.

While you have them on the phone

Ask them if they have any certifications or licenses to indicate they are authorized to undertake this work. Not all areas require a permit for mold removal, but if they have some form of certification it can be reassuring. On the same note ask them if they offer any guarantee for their work. For example, that the mold won’t return for 6 months if you follow their recommendations, and if it does you either receive a refund or that they’ll do follow up work free of charge.

It’s also good to enquire whether they have liability insurance or not. Especially if they are going to be working in your house, applying chemicals, and potentially removing sections of floors or carpets, the risk for further damage is high and you want to make sure that they’re covered in the unfortunate event that something does happen.

Choose the right professional

Ultimately you want a professional organization to do the work for you and you can generally get a feeling for a company’s level of professionalism by the conversation you have with them on the phone. Check out their website, and do some online searches for the company name. With any luck, it will return some social media comments, or Yelp reviews. You can also ask the company if they can provide you with any references for work they’ve previously done.
Picking contractors of any kind can be a challenge, none more so than those who are going to be working inside your home. We hope the tips in this article help you pick a great mold removal company.

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