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Can Mold on Food Make You Sick?

Mold refers to microscopic fungi that lives on animal and plant matter. It is quite scary for many people when they encounter a scenario where it might be possible that they ingested some mold when eating food. This can be alarming as you contemplate and wonder whether something bad will happen to you. This article discusses this topic so you can know whether something horrific will happen or it is safe to consume food with mold.

What Happens if You Ingest Mold?

It is common for people to rush and clean their mouths with soap or mouthwash after ingesting mold. The United States Department of Agriculture has stated that some molds that are perceived as dangerous are not fatal. This might appear to be very confusing but for clarification, you might feel ill after eating mold.

Mold growing rapidly on moldy bread
However, this is not because of any toxins but just because the mold probably tastes bad. Many doctors and commentators on this issue have asserted that eating moldy food will not be too dangerous to kill you or cause you some considerable harm.

More so, doctors have posited that you should take some time before visiting a physician. This entails waiting to see if the symptoms will be serious and spiral out of control. This patience is vital because the stomach has an environment where fungi can barely survive. However, certain types of mold can pose serious respiratory issues and other severe allergic reactions. When the conditions are fitting, some mold produce mycotoxins, which can make you very ill. You should always keep this in mind by knowing that even though it is a rarity, mold can make you sick. An example is respiratory problems that are occasioned by allergic reactions to some specific types of mold. This is not too alarming as it can be easily treated by your doctor.

What Happens If You Become Overly Sick From Eating Mold?

It might seem quite rare but sometimes you might get sick after eating a sizeable amount of mold. When this happens, it can be depicted by some symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. In such a case, you want to consult a doctor as soon as possible. This can be remedied by some inducement of diarrhea and vomit to rid it from your system.

Are There Any Molds That Are Safe to Eat?

The USDA has reiterated that molds are supposed to be on specific foods such as cheese and ham. Mold is therefore used to make certain types of cheese and it can be done internally or found on the surface. They are instrumental in the manufacture of this cheese and it is prudent to stress that they are safe to eat without any sickness or adverse reactions. This is vital in the illustration that all molds cannot be generalized and deemed harmful since some are very safe for human consumption.

Is Mold Consumption Fatal?

This question has been subject to some long and protracted debates. This is because there has been an inference and consensus that eating mold is not that serious in the absence of any toxins. Doctors have pinpointed that the symptoms usually vary ranging from nausea, loss of appetite, feeling frail, or genuinely sick or seriously ill. Many people dread this but in some instances, ingesting some toxic mold can be dangerous and fatal just like indicated in the foregoing.

Doctors have stated that you will not die because of mold ingestion as long as your immunity is strong and not compromised. It is therefore quite possible to digest it like some other ordinary food. However, this does not mean that you should be reckless since it can be bad for you in case you are allergic to mold. This is because it can cause some unwarranted irritations of the throat, nose, and eyes. As highlighted earlier, you should not forget that there are still dangerous types of mold that can have very calamitous consequences.

The USDA has been at the forefront of educating people about this delicate subject by insisting that some mycotoxins produced by mold can be very detrimental to your health. An example is an aflatoxin that can even cause cancer as mentioned by the USDA. You should therefore be cautious and avoid being lax just because doctors and relevant authorities have stated that mold is not as fatal. This includes being wary and completely cognizant of the impact that mold can have on your health based on your immunity and possible allergies.

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