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Can Mold Be a Problem in the Summer?

Mold is a very huge and disturbing problem for many homes. It can grow in any time of the year and tends to thrive and flourish more in certain conditions and climates. Summer has the perfect conditions for mold to grow, as it is characterized by high humidity and rain levels. The high moisture content and warm temperatures result to an increase of the mold, making it a very huge issue.

Certain areas of the house such as the kitchen and the bathroom are more susceptible and most likely to be affected by mold since they are prone to high humidity. This coupled with very poor ventilation usually makes the situation very worrisome. This article looks at whether mold can be an issue in the summer.

Other Things that Make Mold Rampant in the summer?

You can minimize humidity levels using an AC unit. However, extracted water has to be disposed and it is usually channeled and routed to a drain. This can culminate into leakages due to poor maintenance of the units or they might actually be too old.

The temperature outside can be very hot and humid whereas it might be very cold in the house. This often results to condensation around the doors and windows. If the windows and doors are not cleaned and dried regularly, then mold can commence to grow very fast during these ideal conditions.

Tips for Mold Prevention in the summer

It is very crucial to make sure that air conditioners and respective drains are functioning properly. The sealing around the windows and doors should also be checked appropriately. The bathroom and the kitchen are more susceptible and you should install exhaust fans in these areas. It should also be very prudent to close your windows and doors whenever it is raining. Moreover, you should leave your bathroom window open while bathing. This also applies when it comes to kitchen windows.

You should check and make sure that there is no condensation in the air ducts. This could spawn from the conditioner creating a space for mold to grow and blossom. You should immediately clean any possible liquid or water spills. You should also ensure that there is proper aeration or airflow in other rooms, which are highly humid. This is achieved by ensuring that the air conditioning is functioning and running all the time.

It is vital to purchase a dehumidifier to ensure that you reduce the moisture in your house. For you to do this, you must also buy a hygrometer to check the relative humidity in your house. This indicates that you can take preventive steps to reduce the moisture hence curtailing the growth and thriving of the mold.

A rainy summer would imply that you constantly check for any leaks mostly in the roof and repair them before they become a huge problem. The attic should also be inspected to verify that the venting is happening outwards and not towards the attic.

What to do when the mold thrives despite your prevention measures

It might appear easy to eliminate mold with the use of home remedies such as water, bleach or detergent. However, this can only be a temporary quick fix since it does not address the main and underlying problem.

This is when the need to hire and involve a mold remediation expert becomes even more necessary. They ensure that the mold does not return by finding the source of the moisture, removing any other material that might be affected and cleaning the area appropriately to bring the problem to a better resolve. They also give you very good recommendations to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of this problem in the near future.

Mold will possibly be with us all the time. As highlighted above and contrary to popular opinion, mold is very rampant even in the summer season. The main reason behind this is that the summer period is characterized by high levels of temperature and humidity, creating a conducive environment for mold growth.

It is therefore logical for you to become very diligent and take prevention measures to ensure that the mold is detected early thus curbed before it spirals out of control. You can attend and eliminate mold problems by strictly adhering to the highlighted tips in this article. Ultimately, you will end up saving a lot of money while also ensuring that there is no health hazard or dangerous threat posed against your family.

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