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Who to Call About Problems with Mold in Colorado

The first thing you need to do if you find mold in your home is identify the source. Mold requires moisture to grow and then multiply. Any mold remediation attempts will fail if the source is not identified and remedied.

Even if you’re just a renter you should consider buying a humidity thermostat which will ensure your home is at the right humidity levels. If it slips out of the comfort zone then you know you need to act to remedy the situation before mold has time to make your home its home. So, you’ve found mold in your home, who do you call?

The Landlord

You should call the landlord and also alert them in writing to create a paper trail for yourself if they do fail to act. Provided you aren’t the cause of the mold your landlord should take the necessary steps to have the mold removed and the source eradicated.

Review your lease to see what mention is made of mold, if any, but do know that even if there is a clause absolving the landlord of responsibility in the case of mold it likely wouldn’t hold up in court. Your landlord has a legal responsibility to provide you with a home that is habitable and mold can affect your health. Failure to act could bolster any legal claim you make in the future – you may also withhold rent if your home is uninhabitable and the landlord refuses to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

Mold Remediation Company

If you are the property owner then a mold remediation company should be your first port of call. They will come out and review the damage and handle the remediation of mold – while you could technically handle this yourself, you do not have the training to ensure it is done safely and properly. Even when mold spores are dead they can still spread when disturbed so it’s vital that someone with training undertakes remediation.

Additionally, the professionals will be able to advise you on the source of the moisture and how you can tackle it to ensure that mold is never a problem again.

Your Primary Care Physician

If you or a family member is unwell and you believe the reason for this is mold then you need to make a visit to your doctor. Tell the doctor about the symptoms, how long they have been present and rule out any other illnesses that may be causing the issue. Symptoms of mold exposure often mimic the symptoms of other illnesses.

If someone in your home has asthma, allergies or another respiratory disease then they will more susceptible to the presence of mold in your home.

If you have contacted your landlord and had no response with regards to your complaints about mold then you may need to escalate the situation by contacting Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment.

They will be able to provide you with advice on how to proceed, however, don’t expect them to test the air as this is a service undertaken by private contractors and generally falls to the property owner to pay for.

When it comes to calling a mold remediation company, we’re waiting.

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