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5 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Mold Inspection Company

Exposure to mold can have serious health effects such as a cold with accompanying flu symptoms. It is vital to have mold inspection conducted in your home to eliminate such issues that might emanate from mold. The choice of a mold inspection company is not easy. Therefore, you have to consider several factors before opting for a mold inspection company. This article explains these different elements.

  1. Certification

You should do extensive research before settling on a certain mold inspection company. Most companies have websites and the “about us” page reveals whether they are industry certified or not. The mold inspection field might appear to be hugely unregulated. However, check whether they have certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

Companies and individuals who have certification from this organization have vast and extensive knowledge regarding cleaning, chemicals and inspections. It is therefore crucial that you choose a company that is registered with an association that follows standard practice. This ensures that they have the appropriate training in mold inspection and further support from such certifying associations.

  1. Testimonials and Experience

Testimonials and experience are essential factors to consider. They help ensure that you do not settle for mold inspector who is actually a rookie. The testimonials could be by word of mouth or you can find them in the inspectors or company’s website. This therefore implies that you have to enquire about the company and any possible recommendations. It ensures that you settle for a company that will exceed your expectations.

You should research to affirm whether they do this job full time to avoid inspectors that work part time thus lacking in experience and ample training. This is to avoid and mishaps and possible health and safety concerns. By going way and beyond and asking how they will do the job, it ultimately ensures that you hire a professional inspector who is well versed in his job.

  1. Insurance

It is vital to hire an inspector who has insurance that duly covers them. This protects and guards you in case there might be any possible losses. Insurance is therefore very important, especially pertaining to liability if any accident happens in your house. This also applies when there is sub-contracting. Such contractors also have to be well trained and insured as well. They ought to bear documents or credentials clearly depicting the same.

  1. Price and Pre Testing

The price of mold inspection varies from company to company. It is good and prudent for you to get quotations and compare them before choosing and settling for one. Some companies insist on pre-testing mold but this is not important, as it escalates the prices. Professionals who insist on doing these tests only want your money and to ultimately drain your bank. It is also not ideal for you to choose quotations that are exceedingly low hence; this should be a major red flag. Only quacks charge very low prices, as they are not properly trained but just merely experimental.

As highlighted above, mold inspection companies ought to be licensed. They also have relatively high overhead expenses. All these shall be factored into their prices. They will therefore be slightly expensive compared to your regular handyman.

  1. Health and Safety

This is the final and most important factor. Health and safety is very vital. The inspection company has to give you assurances that they will conduct the work without any alarming health and safety concerns. The company should therefore assure you that they will use proper safety gear, face masks and gloves in the inspection process. In addition to this, they should seal off the working area to curb the mold from spreading throughout your home. When mold spreads to other parts of your home, it can be a great health concern, as your loved ones will be at risk of exposure. Your desired mold inspection company should implement a wide range of safety measures to promote safety while doing the work.

You need to consider a variety of factors when searching for a mold inspection company. They should be certified, insured, and have the needed experience to ensure they offer a good service. In addition to this, they should use the right measures to ensure a healthy and safe living environment. Furthermore, opt for the company that charges appropriate and reasonable prices and is well experienced. Paying attention to these elements helps ensure that the process of choosing an appropriate company is less confusing.

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