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Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate?

We spend too much time worrying about external dangers such as heavy rains, snow, animals and gushing winds. We remain barely concerned about internal problems such as mold since we become very dismissive about it. Overlooking mold is quite hazardous since it grows almost anywhere in our homes thus posing different health problems that might be relatively fatal. This therefore necessitates the regular checking of mold using testing kits in order to keep it in check and at bay.

After the conduct of these tests, the question therefore lingers, are testing kits accurate and can they be relied on as a mold remediation tool? This article gives more information about the accuracy and reliability of mold testing kits.

Types and Accuracy of Various Test Kits

There exists a wide array of mold testing kits such as mold inspection network DIY testing mold 3 kit, pro-lab do it yourself test kit, mold armor DIY testing mold kit, mold detective test kit among others. A pro-lab do it yourself kit entails a collection of the sample of the mold which is taken and sent to a laboratory for further analysis. This can also be done through HVAC and air sampling.

Inconclusive Nature of Mold Testing Kits

A DIY mold testing kit uses an adhesive strip procedure. This very simple and straightforward test is conducted in order to establish whether there is mold in the house. However, experts have postulated that it is not a thorough test since it is only used for the basic purpose of determining whether there is mold.

This is because the mold tests done with the kits often lead to inconclusive results. In order to get an accurate outcome, the results should be ascertained by a professional to obtain a perfect and expert report of the results emanating thereof.

The strip should therefore be swiped keenly over the surface and forwarded to the lab. This is very crucial for the determination of the type of mold that is present in your home and how fatal it is. A basic and routine mold test without the involvement of a professional is often inaccurate and it does not give conclusive results.

Why Mold Testing Kits are Inaccurate

Mold test results are often wrong due to sampling errors. The testing barely involves any visual inspection, which is vital in order to detect mold problems. This entails mold problems that might not be detectable by people without any training. The mold test kit lacks specificity hence it does not inform you amply and precisely about the mold. More so, the kit barely aids you to locate the mold and its source. It barely informs you about how fatal it is. Only experienced professionals should undertake mold sampling. This is information according to the EPA.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mold Testing Professional 

A mold test kit avails very limited information. You might save some money by using a test kit instead of hiring a professional but this might jeopardize you later by causing unnecessary panic. The hiring of professionals and the subsequent lab analysis aids to ensure that you obtain visual and laboratory results including any recommendations for remediation purposes. This kind of accuracy cannot be obtained using a mold test kit.

From the foregoing, it is clear that there can be no definitive answer in regards to the accuracy of mold testing kits. Homes are unique and thus it is all dependent on the varying houses and the kind of tests that you specifically want to carry out. The kits are just designed to check for the mold. They are therefore not perfectly accurate in case you want to establish and identify the exact type and location of the mold that is present in your home. For veracity and proper accuracy, you will need to consult a professional for the conduct of these tests.

Professional mold tests are quite expensive and accurate hence you should only opt for a home mold test in case your pocket is overly strained. The best kits are instant, immediate and they give very reliable and legitimate results. If you have the needed skills of dealing with mold, then you can purchase a home mold test kit and take your results to the lab. However, if you do not have the expertise, then consider hiring a professional to do the testing for you. Although this might seem expensive, it will go a long way in keeping you at bay from mold spores that might be harmful to your health. It will also ensure you get good results so you can go ahead and deal with the mold problem you are facing.

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