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Are Home Mold Test Kits Reliable?

Mold is a common problem that most homeowners have to deal with from time to time. In a bid to rid their houses of this menace, some people result in using DIY home mold test kits. That being said, the question that bothers most people is how effective home mold test kits are. The truth is that a home mold test kit is not reliable since it only reveals the presence of mold in the house but fails to give you detailed information about the problem. Among the information that the kit will not provide you with is the source of moisture, the type of mold present, where the mold is located and what you can do to remediate and prevent future mold infestation.

  • Mold Type Information

There are two types of mold: harmful mold, which is mostly the black mold, and the non-harmful mold that grows on food that is spoiling. A home mold test kit will only confirm the presence of mold in your house, but will not tell you what type it is. This limited information can cost you lots of money since you may invite a professional to remove the mold, only to discover that the mold is not harmful. On the flipside, you may be tempted to think that the mold is the non-harmful type, only to find out that the mold is the harmful black mold, a time in which, it might be too late and the damage is too much.

  • Source of Moisture Information

Mold thrives where there is moisture and warmth, hence the need to identify the source of moisture. Unfortunately, home mold test kits do not identify the source of moisture, which is the start to mold remediation process. Contrary to a professional who goes to the root cause of the mold problem, home mold test kits only confirm the presence of mold in the house but do not tell the cause of the mold. For this reason, you have to call in professional mold services so that they can identify the source of moisture. This is a bit expensive since these are two different costs.

  • Levels of Mold

A home mold test kits is simply a dish that traps mold spores that are hovering in the atmosphere. Regardless of the high number of mold spores trapped in the jar, this does not tell how much the infestation is. The jar has to be transported to the lab where a professional analyses the spores to determine the levels of mold infestation. The analysis comes at an extra cost, rendering this type of mold test expensive. Failure to know the levels of mold is risky because you may never know how much damage the mold has caused, and by the time you realize, it might be too late.

  • Remediation of the Mold

Contrary to a mold professional who identifies the mold and goes ahead to remove it, a home mold test kit does not do this; it only confirms the presence of mold. After collecting the mold spores in a jar, the kit is transported to a test lab for analysis. You then have to find professional mold removal services at an extra cost. Foregoing a home mold test kit presents you with one package; testing and removal, something that saves you money and inconvenience of looking for a good professional. Most importantly, a professional does effective testing to uncover the location of the mold and the source of moisture.

  • Preventive Measures

The best thing with hiring professional mold removal services is that on top of removing the mold, they will offer expert advice on what you should and not do to prevent future infestation. By using the DIY home mold test kit, you miss a chance of getting this important piece of information. Without this information, you will spend so much on the remedying process and after a short while, you will spend even more money when the mold grows again. Only that this time around, the damage may be even worse than the previous time.

Although the role of a home mold test kit is very limited, its effectiveness cannot be ignored. However, for someone working on a budget, professional mold services are your best bet since they present you with testing and remediation as a single package. Even as you do that, vet the mold experts by checking for their customer reviews and rating. Mold is very risky to your health and can cause massive structural damage and so you do not want to chances.

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