Mold Testing Colorado


Mold Testing CO is dedicated to leading Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and beyond in the detection and prevention of mold and other microbial contaminants. We know that undetected mold and moisture can destroy the value and structure of the home as well as create potential health risks.

The owners of Mold Testing Colorado have been residents of Denver, CO for over 20+ years and want to apply our professional experience to eliminate all of your residential or commercial mold issues. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting properties, Mold Testing Colorado will make sure your home or building is mold free. We are committed to providing the utmost integrity and maintain the highest standards with every mold inspection and mold assessment conducted by our highly trained technicians.

Our company specializes in consultation, inspections, testing and analysis for mold in residential and commercial properties, homes and businesses.

Our services are used by:

  • Individuals: Suspect or know you have a mold problem? Home owners, Home renters, and Apartment renters alike. We are here for you!
  • Real Estate Agents: Consultations for transactions, where the home inspector sees what may be a mold problem and would like a professional evaluation.
  • Home Builders: Use us during the construction process to evaluate your project for potential mold problems.
  • Home Buyers or Renters Concerned about the presence of mold? Call us for an inspection and testing, before purchasing or renting a home or apartment.

    Mark Gershien, Partner

    As a long time businessman and senior officer in Fortune 500 companies such as Sprint (Director), Level 3 (Sr. VP), and MFS (President), Mr. Gershien has been making companies stronger, more efficient, and providing more value for decades. His love of both The Centennial State and the people in it has turned his passion to the grass roots level and has helped grow Mold Testing Colorado as a leader in Denver, Colorado Springs and all its surrounding areas in the mold testing and mold remediation industry.

    “We emphasize honest and reliable inspections in conjunction with total concern for our customers health.”

    My message to all customers:

    Owning and operating a business that not only brings value to the customer, but brings a better quality of life is very rewarding! Mold is and can be a dangerous health concern in your home or building. We here at Mold Testing Colorado take it seriously and will always provide quick service with an expedited detailed analysis and report of the findings.

    I know when mold is first suspected to be found, it is not a pleasant experience and you want accurate answers, but you also want them as quickly as possible. You do not need to worry about that. Whether it is working for or running our company my goal has always been to create a company whose #1 priority is providing the ‘Gold Standard’ in caring for our customers. We will provide that “Gold Standard” for you.

    Joe Horvath, Partner

    I am a product of the “Chicagoland” area, graduated with a bachelors from Columbia College. After completing school, I owned and operated a high-end painting business. During this time, I experienced first hand the environmental impacts of different types of paint including lead based paints. I also ran into asbestos concerns due to popcorn ceilings and similar treatments and of course mold.

    Naturally, I had to become proficient on all the health regulations and impact these different problematic situations had on individual lives. Needless to say, I also became intrigued by the field of Indoor Air Quality and actually shocked by how little was being done to make sure home owners and loved ones were 100% risk free.

    I am now Certified as a Residential and Indoor Environmentalist. I am excited about my in-depth training, knowledge and commitment that not only makes me a great partner but more importantly, allows me to identify and communicate mold issues anywhere in America and help hundreds if not thousands of Colorado residents and beyond. As co-owner of Mold Testing of Colorado, my focus is on maximizing the happiness and health of my clients through ensuring a safe and healthy living space. I look forward to working with you and making sure that you and your family live in a safe mold free environment.