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5 Ways To Recover From Flooding

Many things can go wrong in one’s life, but nothing is worse than when something affects your home. A home is usually a safe space, where you can go back to relax, but that also means that it causes the biggest upset when something goes wrong there.

Your house flooding will usually either be the result of a severe, or due to a water supply problem where repairs are needed urgently. Both are equally difficult to predict, and their severity can vary.

If you have had problems with water in the home, and you want to know how you can recover, take a look through our 5 top tips:


Before you get started on any kind of cleanup, you need to check with your insurance company as to what their process is for such an occasion. They may advise you on a specific procedure to follow. Depending how bad it is, you may require somewhere else to stay. Knowing what your insurance is going to cover and won’t cover before you get started is the best way to ensure you don’t run into trouble down the line.

Safety Check

When a flood occurs, water gets in everywhere. Your floors and carpets will probably be ruined, but at the same time, water gets into the walls and foundations. Before you start going through your house you need to make sure it’s safe. Turn off all utilities to your house, such as gas, water and electricity. Then get representatives from each to check your house and give you their advice on how to proceed. Electricity can be especially dangerous, as water is conductive and can be a major hazard. Try get written statements from any inspectors so that you can show your insurance company at a later stage.


With some of the formalities out of the way, you will want to start getting rid of the water. If you have sitting water, you’ll need pumps to get it out. Water soaked carpets and furniture should be removed, but if there’s only light damage you may get away with some drying or ventilation equipment. There are professional services that can do this for you, ask your insurance if there’s a company they advise.

Get rid of mold

Once the water’s gone, your next concern will be mold. Depending how fast you dry out the house, and how long water is standing, the degree to which mold will form will vary. But if it takes several days to get the house dried out, you’re quite likely to have significant mold build up. In such an instance, it’s difficult to solve yourself. The best way to ensure it gets dealt with properly is to call in a professional mold removal company. They are best suited to deal with such a situation.


Floods are a particularly disruptive accident to occur, and it will take quite a lot of work to get it all sorted out. To make your life easier, make sure you document everything that happens. Take photos of everything that got damaged and keep reports and timelines of all inspections and services that take place. Insurance companies don’t always like parting with money, but if you have all the necessary documentation, it makes the process go easier.

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