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5 Ways To Keep Your Shower Free From Mold

Mold is a major issue for any bathroom and the shower tends to bear the brunt of it. Showers generally have lots of sharp corners and uneven surfaces, as well as regularly exposure to moisture, whether from direct spray or steam. And when it comes to mold, moisture is all it needs.

The warm environment of your shower just exacerbates the already ideal growing conditions. While mold is unsightly, it can also lead to significant health problems for people with allergies, as well as those with health issues relating to their lungs.

Keeping your house free from mold is important and you can start with your shower by using the 5 tips.


Whenever using the shower, be sure that you have a window open or that the extraction fan is running. In fact, you should keep it running for an additional ten minutes after you’ve finished. This ensures that most of the water vapor is taken outside of the bathroom, and doesn’t condense on your walls.

Clean regularly

You should be giving your shower a clean at least once a week. If you see some mold growing, you should clean it immediately. Cleaning not only gets rid of existing infestations, but the cleaning products used help treat your surfaces, making it harder for mold to breakout. Always dry your surfaces with a cloth after cleaning.

Wipe Down

Beyond just cleaning a shower, after each use of the shower you should try and wipe excess water away. This can be with a small squeegee, or a hand towel. Either way, you want the shower surfaces to be as dry as possible whenever not in use. If you leave the surfaces wet, a mold breakout is more likely to occur.

Shower curtains

Typical shower curtains are cheap and made of plastic or vinyl. Unfortunately, their surface is usually slightly rough and great for mold to grow on. At the same time, they’re difficult to clean. Consider purchasing a shower curtain that you can put through a washing machine. That means a shower curtain made of hemp or nylon. Be sure to give it a wash every few weeks. The best solution is a glass or solid plastic door which can be easily wiped down.

Fix leaks

You can put all the work you want into drying surfaces, but if you have a constant input of moisture into an environment, you’re fighting a losing battle. If you climb into the shower first thing in the morning and notice wet patches, or are kept awake at night by a constant drip, drip, get that leak fixed. It’ll help keep your surfaces dry, and save water.

If your house is free of mold, and you want to keep it that way, the key is keeping your shower dry, and cleaning it regularly. If you’re having trouble getting rid of a mold infestation or are concerned about the risks in your house, give us a call and we’ll be able to give you the best advice on how to deal with any problems, current or in the future.

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