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5 Spring Cleaning Tips For The Basement

Basements are great. They’ve got loads of space and they’re easy to access. Some of us have turned them into functional areas to enjoy, while the rest of us use them as glorified storage areas, possibly with a space carved out for a washer and dryer. If yours falls into the storage category, it may be time to give it a clean, and there’s no better time than spring to trigger that sudden cleaning urge.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of the exercise.


Before you get stuck in just cleaning everything in your basement, take a step back and look at what you actually have in your basement. Cleaning your basement can be much easier when there’s just less stuff to clean. The old skis that haven’t been touched in several years, the old lawnmower which you haven’t got around to fixing. Have a look at it all and make a hard decision on its worth. Chuck out what you no longer need. If something still has value, try sell it, or give it away to someone who’s more likely to use it.


Basements are often damp, and are at a higher risk of flooding than most home areas. Instead of using cardboard boxes to store things, look for some solid plastic containers. They’re usually waterproof and they make stacking and moving much easier. Clear ones are available to which makes identifying what you’re looking for quicker. Also think about how you’re using your space. Would things be more accessible if you had shelves? Those four bikes stacked one against each other, would it be more convenient to hang them from the wall, giving you back the valuable floor space?


While we’re on the track of improvement, take a look at the floor. Once upon a time you actually used the basement, and the carpeted floors were necessary, but if you’re just storing things, carpets can get old and grimy and end up just soaking up dirt. Consider getting rid of the carpet and just use the concrete floor. Alternatively, maybe it’ll re-inspire you to make the basement a livable place again. Both are beneficial to your long-term spring cleaning efforts.


As we mentioned, basements are known for being damp. Often located below ground, it’s difficult for moisture to get out, but easy for it to get in. Coupled with that, often a hot water heater or washing machine are located in the basement, both sources of leaks. Damp environments are where mold thrives, none more so than areas which don’t get much attention. Check all the corners and surfaces for mold growth, and if you find any be sure to get it sorted out.


As well as getting the right cleaning equipment, make sure to kit yourself out as well. A small facemask is the minimum requirement to ensure you don’t breathe in too much dust or cleaning fumes. Put on some old clothes so that you’re not put off from getting dirty during your cleaning efforts.

Basements are areas that we shouldn’t neglect and you need to ensure that you have not only stored all your property correctly to minimize any damage; but that you’re also taking care of any potential health hazards. If you’re not sure how at risk you are, professional mold removal services will come and evaluate your home and are able to give recommendations.

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