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3 Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly in Time For Thanksgiving

mold-in-the-houseYou’ve sent out the invites, you’ve bought your turkey and the vegetables are in the crisper waiting for the special day. Thanksgiving only comes around once a year and you want to make it as stress-free as possible, both before and after your fill your belly on delicious cranberry-covered-goodness.

The last thing you want is for everyone to go home, and in the days that follow they start feeling sick. No, not from your amazing cooking – but more so because you have a problem with mold in the home. So, its best that you prepare in advance and do a general clean up before they arrive.

Surface Mold on Walls

Look into the corners of your roof, the nooks and crannies of your skirting, around your windows – can you see any little black bits of fuzz sitting there in wait? Those little bits of fuzz could be causing you more harm than good. And if they are causing you harm, they could be causing your guests harm! The good news is, mold on your walls is pretty easy to remove. If the wall is painted and non-porous, all you need is a wet cloth and you can wash it away. You might also like to use some sort of mold killer for extra protection (for example bleach, vinegar, even vodka!). If your walls are unpainted drywall, or some other type of porous material, the job is a bit harder.

On these types of wall the mold is more likely to grow inside the material, so unfortunately you’ll probably have to cut away the wall where the mold is growing.

The bathrooms

If you’re having guests over for Thanksgiving, no doubt someone is going to need the bathroom. Whether its kids wanting a bath, everyone washing their hands before and after feasting, or using the toilet. The last thing you want is your mother-in-law to screw her nose up when she sees the sink has a slight bit of mold – or worse. So you best get the clean up underway in advance. Mold in the bathrooms is common, which means it’s also usually easy to clean up. The shower and bath are horrible culprits, with grime from body oils and soap, along with water and steam, creating an ideal environment for a mold feast. Keep it clean regularly, give it a wipe over with some vinegar, and you might consider a plastic insert that helps prevent growth. Try some bleach on the basin for an easy fix, and keep it cleaned regularly.

Outside the house

If you have mold growing on your house outside, you can control it. Living in an area that has a lot of rain or high humidity can be the major cause for this type of mold so it’s imperative that you keep your property maintained. Cut back any of the vegetation that grows close to your home. Having trees and shrubs leaning against the walls of your home or shed can be an attractive hide-out for mold, so looking after your garden can help keep the mold away. It’s also a great excuse to get out your garden sheers and start pruning your trees in time for winter. If you find mold on the house, get some bleach and water (one part bleach to 10 parts water), grab a brush with an extension to keep you on the ground, and get cleaning.

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