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10 Interesting Facts About Mold

Get the factsIf you have found a problem spot in your home where mold seems to be having a party and inviting all its friends along, you need to take action and fast.

Mold is not only a killer when it comes to ruining the dynamics of your home, including the framework, tiling, ceiling or carpets; it’s also extremely dangerous to your health and is the cause of many allergies and ailments.

If you thought you knew everything about mold, we’re about to prove you wrong. We found 10 interesting facts about mold you probably didn’t know:

1. No matter how cautious you are or how clean your home and yard is – there is bound to be mold build-up somewhere. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Found a strange smell? It could be the cat … or it could be mold. Common hiding spots for mold include inside the drywall, in leaking roofs and in crawl spaces where there is little fresh air.

2. Mold is linked to a number of major illnesses and ailments that extend much further than allergy; including multiple sclerosis, miscarriage, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and cancer.

3. There are more than 10,000 species of mold – though hopefully you don’t have too many of these in your home!

4. Those 10,000 species fit into 3 major types: allergenic mold, which as the name suggests – affects those who suffer from allergies; pathogenic mold which can cause health problems similar to bacterial pneumonia; and toxigenic mold, the worst kind that can affect everyone (for example aflatoxin).

5. Mold feeds on dead organic materials. That means anything from wood and paper, to leather and fabric, paint and cement, to tiles and carpet.

6. Mold begins to grow within 2 days. As long as there is plenty of food around, and lots of moisture, mold will be feasting.

7. Mold in the home isn’t limited to the bathroom, attic, basement or linked to water damage. ANYWHERE that is exposed to water (including the lawn) can help aid the growth of mold.

8. Do you get all sneezey when you are decorating your fresh Christmas tree? This is because Christmas trees hold a significant amount of mold spores. If you suffer from allergies, you might be best going for something a little more plastic.

9. When it comes to cleaning mold, you probably thought a bit of bleach and the problem is fixed. In fact, it’s not recommended to put bleach on mold. Bleach might kill the mold, but dead mold is just as dangerous to humans and animals as live mold.

10. Feel like a McDonald’s Happy Meal for lunch? According to “rigorous” testing, though mold will eat through wood, fabric and even some metals – it won’t go near a Happy Meal! Might be a warning for you to steer clear as well!

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